Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Injection, Oral Not?

So after my initial home training on the Avonex injection my nurse was very adamant on pushing the fact that you have to be proactive in learning the most you can about your own situation. And I agree. He promoted going online, finding local chapters of the NMSS, talking with my doctor, getting 2nd opinions and all that. At this point I am trying to keep up to date online with the articles offered and listening to people vent via the NMSS' page on facebook.

It's good to hear the bad with the good. You never want to take what you have for granted, but you never want to be pulled into a downward spiral of sad either, especially when your medicine's potential side effect is depression! ;)

As I've been reading lately there are more drugs being tested for MS treatment than ever before - and a few of these being Oral medications! This seems so exciting, even after tomorrow only being my 5th shot of Avonex - who couldn't get excited? But then I started thinking about it and more fears sat in. True - they're going through trials and being tested for approval... but what does that really mean in the short-term. It's still so scary. Medications and their side effects - as I've just recently learned - can take quite a toll on your body. At this point I'm unsure if I'd be willing to test something so new just to get out of stabbing myself with a needle every week. It's going to be a hard call - one I thought would have been simple to answer 6 short weeks ago.

What would you do?

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