Monday, December 14, 2009

Mexico Sun, the New MS

4 nights spent in the beautiful and sunny Cabo San Lucas will let you forget about all your worries.

One of my dearest friends married the man of her life on the beach, in the sun, what a fairy tale. She looked like a princess and I was most honored to be there.

There was beer, tequila, love and lust in the air. All was welcome.

Any problems you ask? I was photographing for the bride and I was heartbreakingly nervous about it. In bed the night before, at 1:30am, trying to come down form the socializing only mere minutes before my mind raced around and around going over what I had to do and cover. In my head I was unable to stop the thinking and focus. Instantly I had some tingly and numbness in my legs and arm. But it wasn't typical. All I could think was that I was stressing myself into a flare-up. I think I read about that - and hardly thought it was something that could happen instantly but I figured the whole stress was building for awhile.

I did not fall asleep until 4ish... after I thought that there may have been an allergic reaction occurring. The blanket at the hotel was very weird and strangely enough I was able to fall asleep and the sensations went away. I suppose only time will tell though.

The wedding day I was up early and able to perform. After pictures I was able to suck them back and have an amazing time with my best of friends while making new friends for the night and ended everything on the dance floor. July 5th I thought I'd never wear heels again nevermind dance my ass off in them. With a hot boy at that. Wedding Cabo San Lucas a success. Thank you Krista for falling in love.