Friday, April 23, 2010


So here it is... if you do your shot on an angle or are lucky enough hit one of the tiny little veins that run in your thigh... it will hurt. and it will bleed. quite a bit.

Also if you give yourself a shot hungover you will most likely do your shot on angle and it will hurt. and it will bleed. quite a bit.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Follow - Ups are for the birds

So without sounding too pessimistic (ha!)... follow ups for MS are ridiculous. Unless you are currently having a flare up (thankfully I am not) your doctor will ask your current symptoms - and if nothing is going on he will say "Well there's no need for more MRIs now, I'll see you again in 6 months" - and that'll cost you $78 (with insurance).

Ok - so optimistically - I have no major symptoms and there is only need for MRIs when things are a-changing. I am in a good place not physically and mentally. But still... I can keep a log of my symptoms for $3.99 (cost of log) and call you when something gets crazy.

19 days 'til the walk and Post-Walk party! Score!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd - One Day Away from 8 months diagnosed.

And exactly one month until the MS Walk in Milwauke, join or donate today! I currently have 22 friends/family walking with me - and that support is amazing. Taking a Sunday to walk around the lake with me - ridiculous. I have raised over $450 and the team itself has raised over $600! I feel loved. I hope in some way I can show each person how significant their efforts are to me. Thank you.

Wednesday night I took my shot a bit early so I could go pick up the dogs (dogsitting for the weekend). I decided to take the shot a bit higher than normal (normal = where the nurse said, despite what the directions said) and mush to my surprise I didn't feel a g*damn thing. This is exactly how it went around the first time, with the nurse - but it's never been that way since. Not that it's excruciatingly painful - but sometmes it is pretty uncomfortable. This week was a piece of cake! 7 months into Avonex and I'm doing great.

I do have the consistent 2 numb tips of fingers on my left hand - mainly in the morning. But it doesn't even affect my typing. Though the flu-like effects of Avonex still come - and typically dwindle off but stick around for about 16 hours... I have been at 98% performance. A bit tired - but that could just be my typical self.