Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Follow - Ups are for the birds

So without sounding too pessimistic (ha!)... follow ups for MS are ridiculous. Unless you are currently having a flare up (thankfully I am not) your doctor will ask your current symptoms - and if nothing is going on he will say "Well there's no need for more MRIs now, I'll see you again in 6 months" - and that'll cost you $78 (with insurance).

Ok - so optimistically - I have no major symptoms and there is only need for MRIs when things are a-changing. I am in a good place not physically and mentally. But still... I can keep a log of my symptoms for $3.99 (cost of log) and call you when something gets crazy.

19 days 'til the walk and Post-Walk party! Score!

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  1. Hi my honey, I hope u told him that. Oh ya, they have to make their money some how. You just hang in there the cure is comming. Love You so much. MOM