Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd - One Day Away from 8 months diagnosed.

And exactly one month until the MS Walk in Milwauke, join or donate today! I currently have 22 friends/family walking with me - and that support is amazing. Taking a Sunday to walk around the lake with me - ridiculous. I have raised over $450 and the team itself has raised over $600! I feel loved. I hope in some way I can show each person how significant their efforts are to me. Thank you.

Wednesday night I took my shot a bit early so I could go pick up the dogs (dogsitting for the weekend). I decided to take the shot a bit higher than normal (normal = where the nurse said, despite what the directions said) and mush to my surprise I didn't feel a g*damn thing. This is exactly how it went around the first time, with the nurse - but it's never been that way since. Not that it's excruciatingly painful - but sometmes it is pretty uncomfortable. This week was a piece of cake! 7 months into Avonex and I'm doing great.

I do have the consistent 2 numb tips of fingers on my left hand - mainly in the morning. But it doesn't even affect my typing. Though the flu-like effects of Avonex still come - and typically dwindle off but stick around for about 16 hours... I have been at 98% performance. A bit tired - but that could just be my typical self.

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