Friday, July 23, 2010

Murphy's Law.

So of course, not days ago, I mention how this MS is nonexistent in my life. And last night, shot night, I get a lil scare... just to keep me in check I suppose.

I thaw out my shot as normal and I'm putting the needle on, a bti shaky - it's hard! They're so small! I'm nervous that maybe I touched sterile to non-sterile, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. I'm also pretty sure that if it was complicated for people to keep clean they wouldn't allow us to stab ourselves with needles in our own homes. That shot goes in and - OW! Particularily achy... sigh*. Not new, sometimes it is, sometimes I can't feel a damn thing. But the next 30 minutes is that weird part. My right leg (shot leg) tenses up, almost numb but not. A bit tingly, but not really. And it rides up to my lower thigh. Because it happens right after my shot my head thinks "Staff infection!" I don't even really know what that is ( I know it can be bad though. So I tell Jaime - the roomie - that if it gets worse I'm going to the emergency room (oh I'm a bit anxious in my natural state... I have the worry of about 20 people built into my lil head). Long story shot - I woke up feel fine. But I felt "checked" by my MS and remembered last year, exactly this time of year I had no feeling in my left leg and I walked like I was drunk. And that happened overnight.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What is going on?! Anything?

Well to be honest I am very excitied to write this update... but I must admit its sort of sad not having things to blog about. Maybe I will get more involved with MS Awareness and new medical findings and local happenings?

Anyhow, here's the deal: I am getting so good at my shot it's ridiculous. I really know how to fend off the side effects, and I rarely get them bad enough to make me think about them. And I've had only MINOR numbness here and there and maybe MS-caused fatigue. I'm really excited to type that all because August 3rd is not far away and that was my offical date of diagnosis and I am happy to say that all my fears from last year have been settled my explanation and research and stories from others.

<3 hugs and kisses from a mildly and practically unactive MS world, michelle*