Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Emotions Run Wild!

Another Wednesday night, they feel like they are only 2 days apart form each other nowadays.
Tonight's Avonex night, of course. Last week went... weird. I could go quick and smooth with the injection and it hurt a bit. I think it made me nervous for this week. It was like the first week all over. Tension, hesitation, fear... It took me a ton of deep breaths to prepare. And when I finally did it... didn't feel it! Awesome. But it was emotional and it was a overwhelming feeling of frustrations again. They seem to come and go... sometimes I have no fears or cares and sometimes I feel helpless.
I had a few tears after the shot. I am sure it's normal, but you still have to worry about the depression side effect. Its hard to watch over yourself, but I know what I'm looking for at least.

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