Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Leaves are Changing - and thats not the only thing!

It's been a blustery week. The wind, the cold, the clouds. Fall is in my bones and if it weren't for Halloween I might be depressed.
My first Neurologist appt since the diagnosis and start of Avonex was on Monday. Caught him up on symptom changes and a blood test says my liver and white blood cells are fine! In another 3 months we'll do the same thing - and if all goes well it'll seem that the Avonex and my body are doing just fine with each other.
It's weird, the word Avonex. 3 months ago I've never heard it and I used it as often as a friend's name or a local hot spot. Oh - what the future can bring!
Besides the Health issues - I'm moving out in probably 2 months, and that is good because I'm 29 and I live with my Mom :). But it was for good reasons and it was a good time and my sister is 15 ad it was fun to live there, but I've got to become somewhat responsible for my own self and I'm giving it another go.

And back to Halloween, my costume is coming along - and I need to focus on perfecting it in the next coupe of weeks. I've got the dress, hat and a wig to use as a base - but it's only in a beginning phase.

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