Friday, September 25, 2009

4th Avonex Shot

Happy Friday Beautiful World. Today I watched a small YouTube clip [see link above] on the Hubble Ultra Deep Field and it blew my mind. There are speckles of galaxies sitting beyond our mind's ability.of conception. The Universe is mind-boggling. It's completely never ending. There's got to be life out there somewhere and I wonder what it looks like. These images in this video awed me, I actually has goosebumps. Moments like this make me wonder what is out there - physically and spiritually. But I must admit, science is a master artist herself and sometimes things simply are what they are.

I injected myself for the fourth time this week and my side effects weer very minimal. 7:30, 2 ibuprofen and shot. 10:30, 2 more ibuprofen, 1:30, 2 more for safe measure. Some tightening and cramping in lower back but it was so light I was barely affected. I think the timing of the medicine helped, I need to keep it in my system consistently until I fall asleep.

I have read and am currently reading such negative stories on MS and Avonex and all things related but my current experiences are not reflecting any of those situations. I can only hope this is my course. I feel for everyone going through pain and anxiety over these issues - but I figure if I hurt/tingle/feel tired... I just let it be. I pray it doesn't get worse and I do what I'd do with any other sickness. I medicate and deal with it. Let us hope my future holds a steady and low profile path for me... and for you.

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