Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I haven't had much to say lately... that is always good, right? No mail is good mail cos that means no bills! Well speaking of bills... I just wanted to recalculate some numbers here. And of course I understand that if I did not have insurance I could have other assistance but if we just look at the rough number for shit's sake... this is what we've got annually for the MS if all symptoms were to stay as they are today:
48 shots of Avonex: $38,877
730 pills of Oxybuytnin: $167.90
1 annual MRI vist (2 MRIs total): $1200
2 bottles of Ibuprofuen: $13.98
For a grand total of: $40,258.88
forty thousand two hundred fifty eight dollars and eighty eight cents!
That means:
a) let's not get any other diseases
b) let's hate the evil world of medicine
and last but definitely most importantly:
c) get back to work Michelle you need to keep your damn insurance!

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