Monday, August 31, 2009

Its Avonex Time!

It's a bright and beautiful Monday morning and Fall is on its way. It was in the air this weekend and the warm nights are definitely gone. Seems like this is a good thing for many MSers. I haven't fallen into the Heat Pit trap yet though. Apparently many victims of MS cannot process heat correctly and higher temperatures are very uncomfortable. I've been reading about people that purchase Cooling Vests, and Bamboo clothing... does this vent easier? I have no clue. So I can possibly expect hot flashes before my rightful time? Ugh.

My Avonex arrived on Friday. Today I'm scheduling my nurse appt to be taught how to jab myself in my leg once a week. Ohh the excitement. I am anxious. I have been looking at the packaging in my fridge all weekend - useless since its in lightproof packaging - but I keep giving it a go.

Current Symptoms: Still numbness in my fingers. My body is almost back to normal - some light numbness - but not uncomfortable. Wore heels for the first time since June on Saturday night. Did well until I had a few beers... could then tell my "swagger" was off. Sad!

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